Custom Car Covers Prove To Be The Best

If you have got an uneasy feeling approximately car covers, this might be due to the reality that the photo that it’s miles related to, is a vehicle protected by using what seems like a badly constructed tent. Plenty surplus cloth flapping around without end; pretty a sight to behold. However this is an picture of the past. Car covers had been updated as such that you could buy custom automobile covers. These appearance an awful lot extra elegant, and are a lot extra protective.

A custom cover is made to measure for you vehicle, bearing in mind your actual necessities, and desires. It will healthy like a glove with out extra material placing round. For your mirrors and aerial, wallet will be made. It will maximum virtually be the maximum elegant and the most classy vehicle on the block.

To make it specific with that personal touch, most corporations leave it to you to determine the coloration of the quilt. In addition, you may even location the logo of your preference on the bonnet. This is something specific to custom covers alone.

You could have already decided on the material, and hence the form of protection provided. There are numerous types, ideal to exceptional weather conditions and environments. This way there may be a cover for all people, and every automobile. Once you have decided on the cover proper exceptional on your wishes, you may find that the custom size will intensify the protection furnished.

With a trendy, or even semi-custom cowl, there may be constantly the danger that the cover isn’t the ideal match, and therefore the possibility for leaks is there. Things should leak, or sneak in, and the auto is now not fully included. However, with a custom cowl, each inch in protected precisely, there may be nothing left inside the open. There is also no excess material and area for ‘flapping about’. The cowl is tight, as is the form of safety offer. The automobile may be the maximum comfortable it can be.

A custom cowl may also protect the automobile from snooping thieves at night time. Shady individuals come round, and test out capability goals. With the alternative sized covers, there is a leniency for them to steal a peek at the automobile and notice if it’s far a ‘worthwhile job’. Since the custom cowl honestly seals a automobile, those unwanted individuals will abandon your automobile, and you’ll continue to be in addition protected.

Custom covers are not that costly. If you are anyway going to get a cowl, you would possibly as well cross all the way, and get the first-rate; for you and your vehicle handiest deserve the first-class. When the rate is weighed up towards all of the blessings, it’s far apparent that a custom car cowl is sincerely a worthwhile funding.


Renault reaffirms its passion for racing motoring by creating the Renault Sport RS 01, a spectacularly-styled racing vehicle with extraordinary performance. Thanks to its design, born in the world of concept cars and dictated by an exceptional load of aerodynamic support, the Renault Sport RS 01 expresses in a radical way the brand’s sporting DNA. Its datasheet concentrates the best in the Renault Sport’s expertise installed in a monocoque chassis built in carbon fiber weighing less than 1,100 kg and an engine with power over 500 hp. This engine allows the Renault Sport RS 01 to exceed 300 km / h. In 2015 the new Renault Sport competition model will be one of the stars of the World Series by Renault championship in the unprecedented Renault Sport Trophy, a category that will be positioned as the ante-chamber of the GT and Endurance professional events.

The Renault Sport RS 01 highlights the prominent diamond, true cornerstone of the front. The impressive 2,000 mm width – against 1,116 mm height – is further evidenced by the signature of the LED daytime running lights that bypass the air intakes for brake cooling. “The Renault Sport RS 01 is an extraordinary concept racing car, emblematic of Renault’s passion for racing motor racing. Thanks to the enthusiasm of Laurens van der Acker and his team, their spectacular lines can translate the ambitions of this out-of-the-way car. Under its body we have condensed the best of the Renault Sport Technologies’ expertise, which allows us to achieve the highest level of performance and capable of handling the hearts of riders and the public. If it were possible to summarize the concept of the Renault Sport RS 01 in a nutshell I would say that it is the marriage between the beauty of the Renault DeZir and the performance of the Formula Renault 3.5! ” 
Patrice Ratti (Managing Director of Renault Sport Technologies)

In the center of the grate the air is swallowed and then channeled through the frame of the chassis towards the two water radiators. The outlet of this flow is made by air extractors placed under the hood. The depression created by this solution contributes to increase aerodynamic support at the front of the vehicle. An imposing blade helps feed the lower diffuser and a flat bottom completes the solution for the front axle. Two vanes located next to the vortex generator panel attenuate the turbulence generated by the rotation of the wheels. “The Renault Sport RS 01 is a spectacular racing car, it fits in the purest spirit of a GT and promises the most beautiful driving sensations. With its high-level sporting characteristics, it illustrates Renault Sport’s wealth of knowledge and its ability to develop competition vehicles that will reveal future GT or Endurance champions. ” 
Alain Prost (Renault Ambassador for racing motorsport) 


The lowered profile is characteristic of a GT with rear center engine and follows the current trend of air intakes projected on the sides. The asymmetry of the balances is dictated by the vehicle architecture and the optimization of the mass distribution. The glazed area extends to the rear aerofólio, in a set complemented by an arrow shaped hood that reinforces this design bias. The sculpted curves of the Renault Sport RS 01 fit the philosophy of the DeZir concept car, presented in 2010. In this preliminary study designer Akio Shimizu was also inspired by the Renault Cadena, a model designed to break speed records and that in 1956, on the salt plain of Bonneville (USA) surpassed 300 km / h in 1956! The airflow channeled by the lower diffuser flows through the extractors positioned after the front wheels. This solution also guarantees the best air passage of the heat exchangers, thus guaranteeing the ideal cooling of the turbochargers.


In addition to the adjustable airfoil, the rear diffuser engraved with the Renault Sport RS 01 inscription directs the air flow through the flat bottom. This device has the enormous advantage of not generating drag and therefore does not detract from the tip speed. Above the diffuser are located the dual exhaust outlets and the corresponding brake light LEDs, a solution that complements the original signature of outstanding illumination practically across the width of the Renault Sport RS 01. For more details about covers check out on honda accord covers



The aerodynamic load generated allows the Renault Sport RS 01 to achieve exceptional performance, superior to GT3 category models and close to that obtained with the vehicles used in the DTM. The coefficients of deportability (Cz) and trailing (Cx) are similar to those generated by a Formula Renault 3.5 car, the reference single-seater of the World Series by Renault. When it reaches its top speed, 300 km / h, this formula generates 1.7 tons of support.


Supervised by engineer Christophe Chapelain, the design of the Renault Sport RS 01 is the result of collaboration with technical reference partners. The solution of a carbon fiber monocoque was the natural choice to achieve weight and safety goals. As in Formula Renault 3.5, the Italian company Dallarawas in charge of studying and designing the chassis. The “bath”, which includes the fuel tank with capacity for 150 liters, received in the upper part a steel sanantane. At the front, a deformable structure absorbs energy in the event of frontal collision and its arc-shaped design aids in the aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicle. Another crash box deformable structure was fixed to the gearbox by repeating the function of the front solution. The set is designed to meet FIA LMP1 standards and ensure a high safety rating. The safety features are supplemented by a retractable steering column, a Sabelt bench-type seat and a six-point seat belt compatible with the HANS® system.


The motor is fixed to the carbon fiber monocoque, with the upper points connected to the santanthon type cage. Prepared by Nismo, the 3.8-liter V6 biturbo comes from the Nissan GT-R. In relation to the series model the main modification is the use of a dry sump system to guarantee lubrication in long curves. Pectel electronic management has a traction control function. The turbocharged pressure is set to generate power in excess of 500 hp and maximum torque of 600 Nm. This allows the Renault Sport RS 01 a performance between GT3 and DTM cars.


The Nismo engine is coupled to a seven-speed longitudinal gearbox provided by Sadev. Always for the sake of cost control, the same set of gear ratios will be used in all circuits. However, it is possible to adjust the preload applied to the self-locking differential. The sequential command is activated by control levers installed adjacent to the steering wheel and managed by an electromagnetic XAP actuator. Developed especially by ZF Race Engineering, the clutch has a device that prevents the engine from dying and increases the life of the equipment. The sequential command is activated by control levers installed adjacent to the steering wheel and managed by an electromagnetic XAP actuator. Developed especially by ZF Race engineering, the clutch has a device that prevents the engine from dying and increases the life of the equipment.


When the essence of the grip is generated by the aerodynamic support, the suspension is designed according to this concept. As in sports-prototype cars, the suspension architecture uses the classic double triangle solution with Öhlins connecting rods and dampers. Adjustable in compression and expansion, they are installed at each corner of the front suspension and, at the rear, longitudinally on the gearbox. The brake system combines PFC Brakes 380 mm diameter carbon discs and six piston calipers. This choice allows an excellent balance in terms of efficiency and durability. The Renault Sport RS 01 is also equipped with a Bosch Motorsport ABS system. A technical partner of Renault Sport Technologies in all of its competition projects, Michelin has developed 18-inch rim tires specific to the Renault Sport RS 01. They are mounted on newly designed wheels fixed by center nut.


“The Renault Sport RS 01 is a product that marks the beginning of a new line, which is why we chose this name to honor the first Formula 1 built by Renault. We seek to design the best race car with the aim of revealing the best talent and preparing a future generation of drivers. The Renault Sport RS 01 is a vehicle of extraordinary performance and the World Series by Renault will be its habitat. We started with a blank sheet to plan the Renault Sport Trophy championship, an attractive event within the current sporting motorsport panorama. With Pro-AM teams and a sports program that mixes short and long races, we are going to create a catwalk for the upper grades. ” 
Patrice Ratti (General Manager of Renault Sport Technologies)

After creating a series of single-component categories, Renault Sport Technologies decided to create a new option for cars with “ceiling”. Positioned between the Clio Cup competitions and the professional championships like the WEC, the DTM and the Japanese Super GT, the Renault Sport Trophy will be a true showcase for reference pilots and gentlemen drivers. The 2015 season will open to 20 ‘Pro-Am’ doubles, ranked according to the rules of the FIA World Championship of Resistance (WEC). At every stage of the World Series by Renault, competitors can maximize their track time by participating in a true one-off championship, the Renault Sports Trophy. More than 4 hours of training per pilot and per car are planned, divided by the three days of each round. The Renault Sport Trophy championship will benefit from the brand’s entire experience in organizing competitions, with priority for technical balance, sports ethics and cost control. The technical concept of the Renault Sport RS 01 allows for a review every two seasons and also includes participation in development costs.


In addition to the arrival bonuses for the best riders and teams in each round, Renault Sport and its partners will contribute attractive prizes at the end of the championship. A complete training program (including simulator, physical training and media training sessions) is reserved for the Pro category champion for a test with the official Nismo team in the Japanese Super GT Championship. If the driver matches the qualities he can pursue a career in an extremely competitive category. Another ‘award’ is reserved for champion ‘Am’: the 2016 Le Mans 24 Hours at the wheel of an LMP2 prototype.


Engaged in motorsport for 115 years, Renault has won races in the most prestigious races and categories, from the Monte Carlo Rally to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, through Formula 1, which has 12 world titles! Forerunner of the single-brand formulas for more than 40 years, Renault Sport still maintains the status of reference in the subject. Created in 2005, the World Series by Renault reinvented this genre. The public is not mistaken: no less than 5.5 million people have already responded to the invitation of the diamond brand. The “Free, Fast & Fun” events are based on a solid foundation:

– high level international championships: Formula Renault 3.5 Series, Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 and Eurocup Clio,

– demonstrations on the track such as the Infiniti Red Bull F1 Show and the Renault Classic Show,

– attractions for the whole family (pit stop challenge, driving simulators, exhibitions, children’s space .

– free admission to the public , which has access to the bleachers and the paddock,

– coverage of important media, with live broadcast of TV by Eurosport and several networks from different countries.


– Type: Monocoque Dallara built in carbon fiber, santántonio in steel
– Safety: Monocoque, santántonio and deformable elements according to the standards FIA LMP1 2014, retractable steering column, Sabelt bench FIA 8862/2009
– Body: Composite material
– Aerodynamic elements: Spoiler and front diffuser, flat bottom, diffuser and rear airfoil

– Type: Nismo V6 – 24 valves – 3799 cm3
– Disposition: Rear central Longitudinal
– Power supply: Direct injection – two turbochargers
– Maximum power> 500 hp
– Maximum torque:> 600 Nm between 3200-5800 rpm
– Maximum Board: 6,800 rpm
– Electronic management: Pectel SQ6M with traction control
– Data acquisition: Cosworth ICD Pro

– Type: Propeller
– Gearbox: Sadev 7-speed sequential + reverse gear
– Command: XAP semi-automatic with butterflies at the steering wheel
– Differential: Limited slip
– Clutch: ZF Race Engineering with long durability and anti-locking device

– Suspension: Double overlapping triangles + push rods
– Shock absorbers: Öhlins with two adjustment ways
– Brakes: PFC carbon wheels with 380 mm diametre, six piston calipers and Bosch ABS system
– Steering: Hydraulic assistance

– Wheels: Braid with central fixing
– Tires: Michelin 30/68 R18 (F) and 31/71 R18 (T)

– Length: 4.710 mm
– Width: 2.000 mm
– Height: 1,116 mm
– Between axles: 2.744 mm
– Front and rear gauges: 1.675 / 1.624 mm
– Fuel tank: 150 liters
– Weight: 1.100 kg